Title A Comparison Analysis of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of Pumps - In the Focus on Comparison of Excellent and General Products in Water Industry -
Authors Park, Woopyung ; Choi, Yong ; Jeon, Si Young ; Kim, Jinho ; Kang, Seongmi
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2022.23.3.066
Page pp.66-73
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Life Cycle Cost (LCC); Pump; Designation of Excellent Products and Technologies in the Water Industry
Abstract In order to induce users to purchase excellent products in the water industry that satisfy the technical standards of excellent products, in this study, it is to present the advantages of the cost aspect of the pumps as the objective basis. It will be to promote technology development of domestic water companies and to create a virtuous cycle structure in the water industry. In order to present an objective basis for the merits in terms of cost, an economic evaluation was conducted through life cycle cost analysis. For the LCC analysis, initial cost (pump cost and installation cost), operation cost (energy cost and maintenance cost) and demolition cost (disposal cost and residual value) are searched and calculated. As the results of comparison on two capacity of pumps, the energy cost of the excellent pump is 212 million KRW lower than the that of general pump in the large pump. The cost of excellent pump was 17 million KRW lower than that of general pump in small capacity pump. As the results of sensibility test, if the product is developed in the direction of improving pump efficiency and increasing the replacement cycle of consumables, it is predicted that the effect on LCC will be large.