Title Comparison of Construction Cost Applied by RC and PC Construction Method for Apartment House and Establishment of OSC Economic Analysis Framework
Authors Yun, Won-Gun ; Bae, Byung-Yun ; Kang, Tai-Kyung
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2022.23.6.030
Page pp.30-42
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Off-Site Construction; Precast Concrete; Construction Cost; Apartment House; Economic Analysis
Abstract OSC is a type of supply chain and value chain that spans the entire process of construction production (planning, design, construction, maintenance, etc.). It is a method of producing the final object by manufacturing it in a factory, transporting it to the site, installing and construction. This research as is the construction cost was compared for each case A, which applied the PC method, and case B, which applied the RC method. In the case of applying the PC method (excluding the PC design cost), compared to the case where only the RC method was applied, the frame construction cost per unit quantity (㎥) increased by about 70% (50% based on the total RC construction type). Of the total frame construction cost of PC method application, PC accounted for 90.2%, 'PC manufacturing cost' 54.8%, 'PC assembly cost' 28.5%, and 'transportation cost' accounted for 6.89%. Also a decision-making framework that can consider both costs and benefits was established. In the case of benefits, the construction period, defect repair, disaster occurrence, energy efficiency, noise/dust/waste, and greenhouse gas emission indicators reflecting OSC technical advantages were presented. It can contribute to providing a basis for helping decision-making on the introduction of PC apartment houses using OSC.