Title A Study on the Development of Construction Production Rates System for Estimating Proper Construction Expenses of Off-Site Construction (OSC) Based PC Structure Factory-Built Assembly
Authors Lee, Jeongwook ; Lee, Hansoo ; Lee, Chiho ; Noh, Hyunseok
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2022.23.6.089
Page pp.89-100
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords OSC (Off Site Construction); Construction Standard Production Rates; Precast Concrete; Construction Expenses; Factory-built assembly
Abstract The development of the Construction Production Rates System for appropriate construction cost calculation has recently come to the fore as a means of invigorating OSC based PC structure which currently needs institutional frameworks. PC structure based construction expenses consist of the factory-built assembly, transportation and on-site installation. Recently, in the field of transportation and site installation, research on product structure development is being conducted, such as presenting the standard product calculation system reflecting the results of field survey for each subsidiary materials (Lee et al., 2021). On the other hand, there is no ongoing research on estimating construction expenses of Factory-built assembly. This study suggests Construction Production Rates System which can be used for PC subsidiary materials based Factorybuilt assembly cost estimations. For the research, work types for the construction procedures have been categorized, and the standard input manpower suitable for the corresponding work characteristics has been derived from analyzing the associated Construction Standard Production Rates for each work type. Also, as the research referred PC subsidiary materials (such as columns, beams, walls, and slab, as well as on-site installation) and the standard number of workforce based on work types, one can calculate direct labor cost, using what the research shows. In addition, it suggests that the size of individual subsidiary materials be the extra cost factor, by using the characteristics that productivity changes depending on the size(㎥) of subsidiary materials. It is expected that the research can contribute to objectively verifying factory-built assembly cost through of PC structure, which currently relies on estimates.