Title Development of Time-Cost Trade-Off Algorithm for JIT System of Prefabricated Girder Bridges (Nodular GIrder)
Authors Kim, Dae-Young ; Chung, Taewon ; Kim, Rang-Gyun
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2023.24.3.012
Page pp.12-19
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords OSC; Prefabrication; Just in Time; Optimization
Abstract In the case of the construction industry, the relationship between process and cost should be appropriately distributed so that the finished product can be delivered at the minimum fee within the construction period. At that time, it should be considered the size of the bridge, the construction method, the environment and production capacity of the factory, and the transport distance. However, due to various reasons that occur during the construction period, problems such as construction delay, construction cost increase, and quality and reliability degradation occur. Therefore, a systematic and scientific construction technique and process management technology are needed to break away from the conventional method. The prefab(Pre-Fabrication) is a representative OSC (Off-Site Construction) method manufactured in a factory and constructed on-site. This study develops a resource and process plan optimization system for the process management of the Nodular girder, a prefab bridge girder. A simulation algorithm develops to automatically test various variables in the personnel equipment mobilization plan to derive the optimal value. And, the algorithm was applied to the Paju-Pocheon Expressway Construction (Section 3) Dohwa 4 Bridge under construction, and the results compare. Based on construction work standard product calculation, actual input manpower, equipment type, and quantity were applied to the Activity Card, and the amount of work by quantity counting, resource planning, and resource requirements was reflected. In the future, we plan to improve the accuracy of the program by applying forecasting techniques including various field data.