Title A Study on the Activation of Green Remodeling to Achieve Carbon Neutrality - Focusing on a case of Gwangmyeong City -
Authors Kim, Gi-Ran ; Lee, Ju-hyun ; Kim, Kyong Ju ; Kim, Kyoungmin
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.6106/KJCEM.2023.24.5.012
Page pp.12-21
ISSN 2005-6095
Keywords Green Remodeling; Carbon Neutrality; Green New Deal; Green Building; Public Buildings
Abstract Green remodeling proposed in the Korean New Deal is a project to build or remodel eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings using renewable energy facilities and high-performance insulation for public buildings. The government intends to achieve the carbon emission reduction target by conducting green remodeling. Major overseas cities that conduct green remodeling are actively promoting technology support and promotion along with energy performance evaluation according to building characteristics, subsidies for private revitalization, and tax benefits. With this background, the analysis of the current status and problems of the green remodeling project was performed and the Activation factors of Green Remodeling were derived from survey results. This study suggested strategic measures such as a participation of civil society, promotion, and priority selection of administration and policy measures such as a leading role of the public sector, expanding support for the socially underprivileged, and financial support and tax benefits. And this study results are expected to be utilized as basic data to promote the green remodeling project.