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The Transactions of The Korean Institute of Power Electronics

ISO Journal Title : Trans. Korean Inst. Power Electron.

  • Free Access Journal
  • Bimonthly
  • Journal launch year: 1996
  • pISSN: 1229-2214
  • eISSN: 2288-6281
  • DOI Prefix: 10.6113/TKPE
  • Indexed/abstracted in: DOI/Crossref, KCI
  • Supported by: This journal was supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies(KOFST) Grant funded by the Korean Government(MEST)
  • Copyright: The Korean Institute of Power Electronics


The Transactions of the Korean Institute of Power Electronics (hereinafter, TKPE) is intended to provide the readers with new technologies for control, structure, and various application of power electronic systems.

The scope of TKPE includes the structure of power conversion systems, control and application thereof, and includes the structure, design and control of power electronic systems and the electric devices related to motor driving as well as the contents of the elements constituting the systems. TKPE, also, covers various application such as new and renewable energy systems electric cars, and railway cars. In particular, it is recommended to contribute the results of technological development of industry to TKPE in light of the nature of the power electronics sector. It is strongly encouraged to submit papers on new attempts to analyze and solve the problems that may arise from the actual industrial fields even if they are verified theoretically. The submissions should not necessarily be written in Korean, and the contributions written in English will, also, be accepted. As mentioned above, TKPE covers a variety of topics, including power electronic systems, and is not limited to the fields mentioned below.

  • 1) Adjustable speed drives
  • 2) Resonant converters
  • 3) High power converters
  • 4) DC-DC converters
  • 5) Multi-level converters
  • 6) Modeling and simulations
  • 7) Industry applications
  • 8) Renewable energy
  • 9) Inverters and inverter applications
  • 10) Power semiconductor devices and components
  • 11) Power quality
  • 12) Rectifiers
  • 13) Other applications

Model-based Analysis of Cell-to-Cell Imbalance Characteristic Parameters in the Battery Pack for Fault Diagnosis and Over-discharge Prognosis

박진형(Jinhyeong Park) ; 김재원(Jaewon Kim) ; 이미영(Miyoung Lee) ; 김병철(Byoung-Choul Kim) ; 정성철(Sung-Chul Jung) ; 김종훈(Jonghoon Kim)

Z-score Based Abnormal Detection for Stable Operation of the Series/Parallel-cell Configured Battery Pack

강덕훈(Deokhun Kang) ; 이평연(Pyeong-Yeon Lee) ; 김덕한(Deokhan Kim) ; 김성근(Seung-Keun Kim) ; 김종훈(Jonghoon Kim)

Development of Advanced Phase-Shedding Control Algorithm for DVR Power Supply

이준영(Jun-Young Lee) ; 김철민(Cheol-Min Kim) ; 김종수(Jong-Soo Kim)

25 kW, 300 kHz High Step-Up Soft-Switching Converter for Next-Generation Fuel Cell Vehicles

김선주(Sunju Kim) ; 하이 뜨란(Hai Ngoc Tran) ; 김진영(Jinyoung Kim) ; 기에우 흐우 푹(Huu-Phuc Kieu) ; 최세완(Sewan Choi) ; 박준성(Jun-Sung Park) ; 윤혜성(Hye-Sung Yoon)

Bidirectional LLC-LC Resonant Converter With Notch Filter

장기찬(Ki-Chan Jang) ; 김은수(Eun-Soo Kim)

Improved Low-temperature Performance of Lithium Secondary Battery Using Energy Circulating Operation

윤현기(Hyun-Ki Yoon) ; 하상현(Sang-Hyeon Ha) ; 이재인(Jaein Lee)

Design of Gate Driver Power Supply for 3-Phase Inverter Using SiC MOSFET

이상용(Sangyong Lee) ; 정세교(Se-Kyo Chung)

Operating Frequency Design for Stable Initial Operation of Loosely Coupled Resonant DAB Converter

백승혁(Seung-Hyuk Baek) ; 김성민(Sungmin Kim) ; 이재홍(Jaehong Lee) ; 이승환(Seung-Hwan Lee)

New Single-Phase AC-AC Converters With High-Reliability and Common-Ground Structure

김정훈(Jeonghun Kim) ; 차헌녕(Honnyong Cha)

A Study on Development of Current Map Model Based on Electromagnetic Field Design

박귀열(Gui-Yeol Park) ; 황요한(Yo-Han Hwang) ; 최종실(Jong-Sil Choi) ; 이주(Ju Lee)