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Title of the manuscript:

Please check below items as √ mark before submission of the manuscript.

1. General guidelines

  • Attached were original manuscript and this checklist and were dispatched via email.
  • Manuscript written in English or Korean was prepared in PDF format.
  • Manuscript for review should be of 210 mm x 278 mm paper size.
  • Manuscript consisted of paper title, abstract, keywords, main text and references. Also, the appendix, the figures and tables might be included in the text.
  • Manuscript for review did not contain any information about authors such as authors’ name, and authors’ affiliation as well as acknowledgement that could reveal authors.

2. Abstract and Keywords

  • Abstract was written in English.
  • Word count of abstract was within 100-200 words.
  • The number of keywords was within 4-5 words in alphabetical order.

3. Main text

  • The main text of the manuscript was written with reference to that of example paper given by the Korean Institute of Power Electronics (KIPE).
  • The figures and tables should be captioned only in English.
  • Figure captions should be placed at the bottom of the figures and the table captions at the top of the tables.
  • The context of the figures and tables was described only in English.
  • The size and color of the figures and the graphs, letters, numbers, etc included in the figures should be selected to be clear enough for black and white printing.

4. References

  • Every article in References was cited in the main text.
  • All references were written in English.
  • The referencestyle was followed by that of example paper given by KIPE.