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  1. The author (including any co-author) must be a member of the Korean Institute of Power Electronics (hereafter KIPE) and comply with the research ethics regulations of KIPE.
  2. The manuscript submitted for review should be an original research paper in the field of power electronics that has not been announced in any other publications. Technology papers must focus on new technologies or outcomes of the development of products in industries related to power electronics.
  3. The manuscript can be received at any time, and the date of receipt of the manuscript is the date when the manuscript is submitted to KIPE.
  4. The manuscript should be written in Korean or English. In manuscripts written in Korean, English terms should be written in Korean. If necessary, English can be written in parentheses.
  5. In English, the first letter of a sentence should be in upper case, and the rest should be in lower case. English used in Korean manuscripts should be in lower case. (However, proper nouns are the exception).
  6. For English names, the first name is written first and last name follows (Ex: Gyu-Ha Choe and Hyung-Soo Mok)
  7. Authors must submit manuscripts electronically as PDF files of A4 size with proper font size and line spacing (Ex: font size of 11 point and line spacing of 180%). The title (Korean and English), abstract in English (100-200 words), Keywords (4-5 words), main body, appendix, and references are created according to the paper/materials related to paper/sample paper for submission via the homepage of KIPE. However, be careful not to reveal the author and affiliation in the original manuscript.
  8. All Figures and Tables should be placed at the top in the text and captioned only in English. Figure captions should be placed at the bottom of the figures, and table captions should be placed at the top of the tables.
  9. The size and color of the figures and the graphs, letters, numbers, etc. included in the figures should be selected to be clear enough for black and white printing.
  10. References should be written only in English in the order cited in the body of the manuscript.
    [1] J. Holtz, W. Lotzkat and A. M. Khambadkone, “On continuous control of PWM inverters in the overmodulation range including the six-step mode,” IEEE Trans. on Power Electronics, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 546-553, Sep./Oct. 1993.
  11. Names of journals and books should be written in italics. After paying the fee for paper review via electronic approval or deposit without a bankbook, the author should submit the manuscript created in PDF format through the online paper review system ( The review fee is 40,000 KRW per paper for regular review, 60,000 KRW per paper for letter review, and 120,000 KRW per paper for expedited review (Contact: Office of KIPE, Tel: +82-2-554-0184, Fax: +82-2-554-0186, e-mail:
  12. The submitted manuscript is subject to review by the editorial committee. The editorial committee may ask for a partial revision or supplement of a manuscript.
  13. After the manuscript is accepted, authors should submit a final manuscript file in HWP format for publication in accordance with “Guidelines for editing a final revised paper” based on “sample of final paper” on the homepage of KIPE.
  14. The authors shall transfer all the rights, such as publishing or selling the manuscript, by submitting the Copyright Transfer Agreement with final manuscript file. Copyright of papers published in the Transactions of Korean Institute of Power Electronics belongs to KIPE.
  15. Papers will be published in the order of acceptance in review.
  16. Publication fees (30,000 KRW per page up to 6 pages for regular and 50,000 KRW per page for letter) will be imposed on all accepted papers. An extra page charge of 50,000 KRW per page will be charged for papers exceeding 7 pages. In the case of expedited publication, an additional 50% of the regular publication fee will also be imposed.