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Model-based Analysis of Cell-to-Cell Imbalance Characteristic Parameters in the Battery Pack for Fault Diagnosis and Over-discharge Prognosis

박진형(Jinhyeong Park) ; 김재원(Jaewon Kim) ; 이미영(Miyoung Lee) ; 김병철(Byoung-Choul Kim) ; 정성철(Sung-Chul Jung) ; 김종훈(Jonghoon Kim)

Z-score Based Abnormal Detection for Stable Operation of the Series/Parallel-cell Configured Battery Pack

강덕훈(Deokhun Kang) ; 이평연(Pyeong-Yeon Lee) ; 김덕한(Deokhan Kim) ; 김성근(Seung-Keun Kim) ; 김종훈(Jonghoon Kim)

Development of Advanced Phase-Shedding Control Algorithm for DVR Power Supply

이준영(Jun-Young Lee) ; 김철민(Cheol-Min Kim) ; 김종수(Jong-Soo Kim)

25 kW, 300 kHz High Step-Up Soft-Switching Converter for Next-Generation Fuel Cell Vehicles

김선주(Sunju Kim) ; 하이 뜨란(Hai Ngoc Tran) ; 김진영(Jinyoung Kim) ; 기에우 흐우 푹(Huu-Phuc Kieu) ; 최세완(Sewan Choi) ; 박준성(Jun-Sung Park) ; 윤혜성(Hye-Sung Yoon)

Bidirectional LLC-LC Resonant Converter With Notch Filter

장기찬(Ki-Chan Jang) ; 김은수(Eun-Soo Kim)

Improved Low-temperature Performance of Lithium Secondary Battery Using Energy Circulating Operation

윤현기(Hyun-Ki Yoon) ; 하상현(Sang-Hyeon Ha) ; 이재인(Jaein Lee)

Design of Gate Driver Power Supply for 3-Phase Inverter Using SiC MOSFET

이상용(Sangyong Lee) ; 정세교(Se-Kyo Chung)

Operating Frequency Design for Stable Initial Operation of Loosely Coupled Resonant DAB Converter

백승혁(Seung-Hyuk Baek) ; 김성민(Sungmin Kim) ; 이재홍(Jaehong Lee) ; 이승환(Seung-Hwan Lee)

New Single-Phase AC-AC Converters With High-Reliability and Common-Ground Structure

김정훈(Jeonghun Kim) ; 차헌녕(Honnyong Cha)

A Study on Development of Current Map Model Based on Electromagnetic Field Design

박귀열(Gui-Yeol Park) ; 황요한(Yo-Han Hwang) ; 최종실(Jong-Sil Choi) ; 이주(Ju Lee)