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Modeling and Control Characteristics of Isolated Inverse-SEPIC

Han-Eol Park ; Eun-Seok Kim ; Soo-Seok Kim ; Joong-Ho Song

Sensorless Drive Method using Back EMF Analysis of Single Phase Switched Reluctance Motor

Han-Geol Sun ; Duck-Shick Shin ; Hyong-Yeol Yang ; Young-Cheol Lim

Development of Back-emf Filter Circuit for Driving Sensorless BLDC Motors

Doo-Young Song ; Sung-Ho Lee ; Tae-Uk Jung ; Su-Eog Cho ; Sung-Jun Park ; Dong-Ok Kim

A High Efficiency Multi Output PDP Power System with Single Transformer Structure

Sang-Gab Park ; Jong-Hae Kim ; Hyo-Bum Lee ; Sang-Kyu Han ; Sung-Soo Hong ; Sug-Chin Sakong ; Chung-Wook Roh