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Scanning Backlight Driver for Mercury Free Flat Fluorescent Lamp

Eun-Tae Oh ; Yong-Min Jung ; Kyung-In Lee ; Ho-Won Yoo ; Jun-Young Lee

Sensorless Control of PMSG for Small Wind Turbines

Suk-Ho Jang ; Hong-Geuk Park ; Dong-Choon Lee ; Heung-Geun Kim

New High Performance and Low Cost Construction of Unified Power System for LCD TV Backlight Driver Circuitb

Doo-Hee Jang ; Jae-Kwang Lee ; Chung-Wook Roh ; Sung-Soo Hong ; Jin-Wook Kim ; Hyo-Bum Lee ; Sang-Kyoo Han

The Ballast for Field Emission Lamp with CNT Emitter

Dong-Hyuck Park ; Seok-Jin Ha ; Hye-Man Jung ; Jong-Hyun Kim ; Ju-Won Baek ; Dong-Wook Yoo ; Eui-Ho Song

Voltage Control of Synchronous Generator for Ships using a PMG Type Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator

Dong-Hwan Yu ; Sang-Hoon Park ; Chung-Yuen Won ; Jae-Sung Yu ; Sang-Seuk Lee ; Sung-Joon Ahn

Zero-Current Switching LLC Resonant Post-Regulator for Independent Multi-Output

Sang-Ho Cho ; Jong-Kyu Yoon ; Chung-Wook Roh ; Sung-Soo Hong ; Jong-Hae Kim ; Hyo-Bum Lee ; Sang-Kyu Han