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Title The Ballast for Field Emission Lamp with CNT Emitter
Authors Dong-Hyuck Park ; Seok-Jin Ha ; Hye-Man Jung ; Jong-Hyun Kim ; Ju-Won Baek ; Dong-Wook Yoo ; Eui-Ho Song
Page pp.31-37
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords CNT; Field emission; Fly-back; Bi-polar pulse; Frequency Control
Abstract This paper presented a actual conditions on a false-tripping of ELB(Earth Leakage Breakers) and an assessment of the harmonics due to non-linear electronic equipment such as personal computers, rectifier, electric furnace and test equipments in factory electrical installation. Actual conditions on a failure of ELB were surveyed and analyzed by making up a question to safety managers of factory electrical installation. Also, power quality measurements such as harmonic currents, voltage and current waveform and current imbalance were made at various factory electrical installation where nuisance tripping of ELB is often occurred. The results of this study can be used in making decisions regarding cause of ELB trip and operating and tripping characteristics test of ELB when subjected to distorted current waveform.