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Title Performance Evaluation of Switching Amplifier in Micro-positioning Systems with Piezoelectric Actuator
Authors Joung-Hu Park ; Jong-Bok Baek ; Bo-Hyung Cho ; Sung-Jin Choi
Page pp.62-71
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Piezoelectric actuator; Class-D amplifier; Micro-positioning; Charge control; Displacement control
Abstract This paper proposes a feedback linearization control scheme of AC/DC PWM converters with LCL input filters using no damping resisters. This feedback linearization scheme can eliminate the non-linearity of the system. So, the controller of the system can be designed by using linear control theory, which gives a good transient response. The cascade structure of the controller makes the converter current be controlled within a certain limit. To reduce the number of sensors, the source voltage and current is estimated. The validity of the proposed control algorithm is verified by simulation and experimental results.