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Title Scanning Backlight Driver for Mercury Free Flat Fluorescent Lamp
Authors Eun-Tae Oh ; Yong-Min Jung ; Kyung-In Lee ; Ho-Won Yoo ; Jun-Young Lee
Page pp.8-14
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Forward inverter; Mercury free; Scanning backlight
Abstract Since they use the low switching frequency in multilevel inverter systems, they generate the high low frequency harmonic components. Generally, LC filter is used at the output terminal of inverter systems to solve this problem. But it causes a voltage drop at the output terminal by use of damping resistors, and causes the problem in which system efficiency decreases due to power loss of the damping resistor. In this paper, we proposed an output filter design method for NPC three-level inverter systems with low switching frequency. And we analyzed the efficiency of the proposed filter system, and the effectiveness of the proposed system is verified by simulation and experimental results.