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Interleaved PWM Inverter with Paralleled LCL Filter for Grid Connection

Hyeon-Dong Kim ; Seong-Jeub Jeon

Voltage Control Scheme in Synchronous Reference Frame for Improving Dynamic Characteristics in Parallel Operation of Double-Conversion UPSs

Jae-Sing Mo ; Young-Doo Yoon ; Hyo-Jun Ryu ; Min-Sung Lee ; Seung-Cheul Choi ; Sung-Min Kim ; Seok-Min Kim ; Ho-Hyun Kang ; Hee-Jung Kim

Analysis of Phase Current Ripple and Torque Ripple of a 6-Phase PMSM Controlled by Interleaved PWM

Won-Jin Jang ; Seong-Hoon Kim ; Bo-Sung Jun ; Hag-Wone Kim ; Kwan-Yuhl Cho

Degradation Prediction and Analysis of Lithium-ion Battery using the S-ARIMA Model with Seasonality based on Time Series Models

Seungwoo Kim ; Pyeong-Yeon Lee ; Sanguk Kwon ; Jonghoon Kim

Design Method of High Efficiency Capacitor Charger Based on LCC Resonant Converter

Song-Chan Jeong ; Seung-Ho Song ; Min-Kyu Choi ; Hong-Je Ryoo

Battery State-of-Health Estimation Method based on Deep-learning and Feature Engineering

Moon-Seok Chang ; Gang-Seok Lee ; Sungwoo Bae