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Title Interleaved PWM Inverter with Paralleled LCL Filter for Grid Connection
Authors Hyeon-Dong Kim ; Seong-Jeub Jeon
Page pp.275-282
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Interleaved PWM; LCL filter; Harmonics; Paralleled inverter; Grid connection
Abstract In this study, an inverter system connected to a grid through a paralleled LCL filter is proposed. The system consists of two inverters paralleled and operated with interleaved PWM for powering up and performance improvement. Two LCL filters have two separate filter inductors and one set of filter capacitor and grid inductor in common. The differential mode current circulates through two inverters and two filter inductors. The differential mode current is removed from the filter capacitor and the power grid. Accordingly, performance improvement can be achieved due to the reduced currents in the filter capacitor and the reduced harmonics into a grid. A single-phase prototype has been made and tested, and the proposal has been verified.