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Title Design Method of High Efficiency Capacitor Charger Based on LCC Resonant Converter
Authors Song-Chan Jeong ; Seung-Ho Song ; Min-Kyu Choi ; Hong-Je Ryoo
Page pp.325-331
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Capacitor charger; Conduction loss; High efficiency; LCC resonant converter
Abstract This study proposes a design method that minimizes a conduction loss of LCC resonant converter under rated condition. Through a simplified analysis of the waveform of the resonant current, the power transfer section and RMS value of the resonant current was analyzed mathematically and graphically. Based on this analysis, the design method that minimizes the RMS value of the resonant current is proposed. To demonstrate this method, this study designed a 7.5 kW (100 V, 75 A) capacitor charger based on LCC resonant converter and the design parameters were chosen according to the process of the design method. Then, the capacitor charger was implemented. An experiment was conducted to measure efficiency while satisfying design specifications under rated conditions. This design method was verified to be effective by achieving 97.7% maximum efficiency and design specifications under rated conditions.