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Title Coupled Inductor Based Voltage Balancing in Dual-Output CLL Resonant Converter for Bipolar DC Distribution System
Authors Seunghoon Lee ; Jeonghun Kim ; Honnyong Cha
Page pp.348-355
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Bipolar dc distribution system; Coupled inductor; Dual-output CLL resonant converter; Voltage balancing.
Abstract A bipolar DC distribution system suffers from an imbalance in voltages when asymmetric loads are connected at the outputs. Dedicated voltage balancers are required to address the imbalance in bipolar voltage levels. However, additional components eventually increase the cost and decrease the efficiency and power density of the system. Therefore, to deal with the imbalance in output voltages without adding any extra components, this study presents a coupled inductor-based voltage balancing technique with a dual-output CLL resonant converter. The proposed coupled inductor does not require extra magnetic components to balance the output voltages because it is the result of resonant inductors of the CLL tank circuit. It can also avoid complex control schemes applied to voltage balancing. Moreover, with the proposed coupled inductor, the CLL converter acquires good features including zero voltage and zero current switching. Detailed analysis of the proposed coupled inductor is presented with different load conditions. A 3.6-kW hardware prototype was built and tested to validate the performance of the proposed coupled inductor-based voltage balancing technique.