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Title A Study On High Power Factor Sine Pulse Type Power Supply For Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Cleaning System with 3-Phase PFC Boost Converter
Authors Hee-Min Han ; Min-Young Kim ; Kwang-Duk Seo ; Joohn-Sheok Kim
Page pp.72-81
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords AC Plasma power supply; Atmospheric plasma; 3-Phase boost converter; Quasi-resonant AC inverter; High power factor
Abstract The variable speed engine generator set is interested for an isolated power system due to reduced fuel consumption and less emission. However, because of sluggish dynamic behavior of the internal combustion engine the power quality would be degraded during the sudden load power surge, where the power required by the load is not available by the engine due to the reduced engine speed. An isolated power system based on variable speed engine with a super-capacitor bank can improve dynamic characteristics under such a sudden load change, and power quality, fuel consumption, and pollutants can be improved remarkably. Also, it is verified by the computer simulation that the inverter of 3phase-4leg is compatible to the isolated power system with unbalanced load. In this paper, the feasibility of the system has been verified based on a 26kw commercial diesel engine system.