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Title Modeling and Control of a Grid Connected VSI using a Delta Connected LCL Filter
Authors Sangin Lee ; Kui-jun Lee ; Dong-seok Hyun
Page pp.1-7
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LCL filter; Grid connected inverter; Modeling; Active damping
Abstract This paper proposes a sensorless drive method that estimates the rotor position by analysing Back EMF of single-phase Switched Reluctance motor (SRM). The rotor position information is necessary required, because SRM's torque is generated by exciting a stator winding according to rotor position. In order to detect the position of the rotor, the various rotor position sensors have been used. However, most of the position sensors not only increase the construction cost and the volume of the motor but also decrease reliability of driving system with environment.This paper proposed the method using the Back EMF to solve such problems. When a rotor and stator are overlapped, the Back EMF is sharply changed. By detecting this point, the rotor position can be estimated. Thus SRM is driven by turn on and turn off switches at the proper position through speed calculation. The validity of proposed method is verified through simulation and experiment.