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Title Performance Improvement of a Buck Converter using a 2nd-order Space Dithered Sigma-Delta Modulation based Random PWM Switching Scheme
Authors Seo-Hyeong Kim ; Seong-Tak Ju ; Hea-Gwang Jung ; Kyo-Beum Lee ; Gyu-Bum Jung
Page pp.54-61
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Sigma-Delta Modulation; Random PWM; Buck Converter; DC/DC converter
Abstract This paper proposes a linearization technique for the 3-level NPC type inverter, which increases the linear control range of inverter up to the one-pulse inverter. The overmodulation range is divided into two modes depending on the Modulation Index, MI. In overmodulation region I, the reference angles are derived from the fourier series expansion of the reference voltage corresponding to the MI. In overmodulation region II, the holding angles are also derived in the same way. Therefore, it is possible to obtain the linear control and the maximized utilization of PWM inverter output voltage.