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Title Performance Evaluation of Islanding Detection Method by Phase Shifted Feed-Forward Voltage in Steady-State Grid Condition
Authors Dong-Uk Kim ; Sungmin Kim
Page pp.373-380
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Anti-islanding detection ; Feed-forward voltage ; Grid connected inverter ; Grid frequency variation ; SMS(Slip Mode Frequency Shift)
Abstract This study proposes a new islanding detection method that uses the phase shift of feed?forward voltage and evaluates the performance of an existing method and the proposed method when the grid frequency changes within the allowable range under steady-state conditions. The investigated existing method, which is slip mode frequency shift (SMS), uses current phase shift to detect islanding. The SMS method supplies reactive current to the grid under this condition, but the proposed method does not generate additional reactive power because it does not depend on the current control loop. The performance in steady-state grid condition is evaluated through simulations and experiments.