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Title Inner Temperature Distribution by Two Appearances of Series-Cell Configured Battery Pack using Cylindrical Cells
Authors Dong-Ho Han ; Pyeng-Yeon Lee ; Jin-Hyeng Park ; Jonghoon Kim ; Kisoo Yoo ; In-Ho Cho
Page pp.408-414
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Battery thermal management system ; Thermal behavior ; Comsol ; Battery pack
Abstract Given that lithium-ion batteries are expected to be used as power sources for electric and hybrid vehicles, thermodynamics experimentation and prediction based on experimental data were performed. Thermal, electrochemical, and electrochemical/electrical?thermal models were used for accurate battery modeling. Various applications of different battery packs were demonstrated, and thermal analysis was performed using the same experimental conditions for square and rectangular battery packs. Accurate thermal analysis for a single cell should be prioritized to determine the thermal behavior of the battery pack. The energy balance equation, which contains heat generation and heat transfer factors, defines the thermal behavior of the battery pack. By comparing battery packs of different shapes tested under the same condition, this study revealed that the rectangular battery pack is superior to the square battery pack in terms of the maximum temperature of inner cells and temperature variation between cells.