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Title Level Selection Algorithm with Fixed Sampling Frequency for Modular Multilevel Converter
Authors Chan-Ki Kim ; Chang-Hwan Park ; Jang-Mok Kim
Page pp.415-423
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords NLC ; Cluster stream buffer ; VSC-HVDC ; Switching time
Abstract This study uses a level selection algorithm with fixed sampling frequency for modular multilevel converter (MMC) systems. Theoretically, the proposed method increases the level infinitely while the sampling time remains the same. The proposed method called cluster stream buffer (CSB) consists of several clusters, wherein each cluster is composed of 32 submodules that depend on the level of the submodules in the MMC system. To increase the level of the MMC system, additional clusters are used, and the sampling time between clusters is determined from the sampling time between levels needed for utilizing the entire level from the MMC system. This method is crucial in the control of MMC-type HVDC systems because it improves scalability and precision.