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Title Three Level Single-Phase Single Stage AC/DC Resonant Converter With A Wide Output Operating Voltage Range
Authors Takongmo Marius ; Min-Ji Kim ; Jae-Sung Oh ; Gang-Woo Lee ; Eun-Soo Kim ; In-Gab Hwang
Page pp.424-432
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Hybrid three-level DC/DC converter ; LLC resonant converter ; Single stage AC/DC converter ; EV Charger
Abstract This study presents a single-phase single-stage three-level AC/DC converter with a wide controllable output voltage. The proposed AC/DC converter is designed to extend the application of e-mobility, such as electric vehicles. The single-stage converter integrates a PFC converter and a three-level DC/DC converter, operates at a fixed frequency, and provides a wide controllable output voltage (approximately 200?430Vdc) with high efficiencies over a wide load range. In addition, the input boost inductors operate in a discontinuous mode to improve the input power factor. The switching devices operate with ZVS, and the converter’s THD is small, especially at full load. The feasibility of the proposed converter is verified by the experimental results of a 1.5 kW prototype.