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Title Capacitor Bank Assisted Battery Fed Boost Converter for Self-electricity-generated Transportation Cart System
Authors Sung-Jae Kong ; Tae-Cheol Yang ; Kyung-Soo Kang ; Chung-Wook Roh
Page pp.1-8
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Battery ; Boost converter ; Current limit ; Super capacitor ; Transportation cart system
Abstract A problem exists in the conventional transportation cart applications, in which an external power supply with mechanical contact connection (bus bar connection) is required to drive the motor. Therefore, continuous effort for maintenance is required, aside from the expensive bus bar connector. To solve this problem, a self-electricity-generated transportation cart system without bus bar has recently been introduced. In this system, a battery needs to store the power of the generated wheel, and a boost converter, which converts the low battery voltage to high bus voltage to drive the motor inverter, is necessary. However, since the instantaneous large current required for starting the motor is supplied from the battery, a battery with large size and volume should be adopted to withstand this large current. In this study, a boost converter that can supply a large instantaneous current by using super Capacitor string is proposed. The proposed converter can be realized with a small size and volume compared with the conventional battery-fed boost converter. Operational principles, analysis, and design of the proposed converter are presented, and experimental results are provided to validate the proposed converter.