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Title Design Methodology of Series Resonant Converter and Coil of Induction Heating Applications for Heating Low Resistance IH-Only Container
Authors Si-Hoon Jeong ; Hwa-Pyoeng Park ; Jee-Hoon Jung
Page pp.24-31
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords IH(Induction Heating) ; SRC(Series Resonant Converter) ; Power transmission ; Resonant current ; IH coil design
Abstract An induction heating (IH) resonant converter, as well as its coil design method, is proposed in this study to improve the heat capability of low- and high-resistance IH vessels. Conventional IH resonant converters have been designed only for heating high-resistance containers designed for IH application. Thus, the primary current in the resonant tank becomes extremely high to transfer the rated power when the converter heats the low-resistance vessel. As a result, the rated power cannot be transferred due to overcurrent flows against the rated switch current. Hence, the optimal number of coil turns and proper operating frequency to heat high- and low-resistance vessels are proposed in this study by analyzing an IH load model. Simulation and experimental results using a 2.4 kW prototype resonant converter and its IH coil validate the proposed design.