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Title Analysis of Parallel-Input Series-Output(PISO) Boost Converter With Output Voltage Balancing Characteristics
Authors Hyun-Taek Nam ; Honnyong Cha ; Heung-Geun Kim
Page pp.40-46
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Boost converter ; Dead time ; Output voltage balancing ; PISO(Parallel-Input Series-Output) ; TLB(Three-Level Boost)
Abstract In this study, the output voltage balancing characteristics of parallel-input series-output (PISO) boost converter is analyzed. The PISO boost converter is derived by combining two basic boost converters. In comparison with the conventional three-level boost converter, the PISO boost converter can balance the output voltages under an unbalanced load condition without requiring additional circuit components and control strategy. A 2 kW prototype converter is built and tested to verify the output voltage balancing characteristics of the PISO boost converter.