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Title Design and Analysis of 3-Section Hybrid Control Method for Solar Array Simulator
Authors Young-Tae Seo ; Thusitha Wellawatta ; Sung-Jin Choi
Page pp.47-58
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Solar array simulator ; Hybrid controller ; 3 section control
Abstract A solar array simulator (SAS) consists of an engine that generates a setpoint according to panel characteristics, a power stage that provides the actual output, and a controller. Particularly, if the control method is not suitable due to the nonlinearity of the solar panel output curve depending on the irradiation amount and the temperature, and the variation of the curve factor depending on the various panel materials, then the panel simulation function cannot be performed properly. Current and voltage mode controls are usually used for the conventional control method. However, these control methods deteriorate the control performance near the maximum power point; thus, a hybrid control method using two or more controllers has been investigated. In this study, we analyze the hybrid control method using three controllers divided into different areas. The design equation of the controller is derived based on the small signal modeling of each controller, and the simulation performance of the solar array simulator verifies its stability and response speed.