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Title AC-DC Converter for Electrolytic Capacitor-less LED Driver with Reduced LED Peak Current
Authors Kyoung-Suk Kang ; Gwon-Sik Park ; Byung-Jun Seo ; Eui-Cheol Nho
Page pp.59-65
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Harmonic current injection ; Electrolytic capacitor-less ; PFC flyback ; LED driver
Abstract A new single-stage flyback power converter with PFC for electrolytic capacitor-less LED driver is proposed in this study. This method minimizes the peak-to-average ratio of the LED driving pulsating current by adding the LED driving current near the LED current valley area, as well as the third harmonic component injection into the input current. The reduced peak current value of the LED drive current minimizes the thermal stress of the LED itself, thereby increasing the reliability of the LED, as well as achieving a long lifetime. Simulation and experimental results show the usefulness of the proposed topology.