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Title Initial Rotor Position Estimation of an IPMSM Based on Least Squares Approximation with a Polarity Identification
Authors Keon Young Kim ; Yeongsu Bak ; Kyo-Beum Lee
Page pp.72-75
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Initial rotor position estimation ; IPMSM(Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor) ; Least squares approximation ; Short pulses injection
Abstract An initial rotor position estimation method is proposed in this study for an interior permanent-magnet synchronous motor without a resolver or an absolute encoder. This method uses least squares approximation to estimate the initial rotor position. The magnetic polarity is identified by injection of short pulses. The proposed estimation process is robust because it does not require complex signal processing that depends on the performance of a digital filter. In addition, it can be applied to various servo systems because it does not require additional hardware. Experimental results validate the effectiveness of the proposed method using a standard industrial servomotor with interior-permanent magnets.