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Title A Design and Control Scheme of a High Efficiency Hybrid PM Generator
Authors Yeongjun Jo ; Dong-Hee Lee
Page pp.112-120
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Hybrid PM generator ; PM exciter ; High efficiency ; Embedded controller
Abstract This work presents a hybrid generator, which is a combination of a permanent magnet (PM) and winding structure with a PM exciter. The field winding of the proposed hybrid generator is fed by the PM exciter and the embedded current controller, which is installed in the generator shaft. In the no-load condition, the output voltage of the generator is produced by the PM flux of the generator without any field winding current. The field winding current produces an insufficient flux to retain the output voltage of the generator when the load is injected. The total efficiency can be increased from the PM exciter and PM flux of the generator. The field current has to be controlled inside the proposed generator. The generated power from the PM exciter is used to excite the field flux of the generator. The embedded current controller is commanded by the external voltage controller using the infrared wireless method. The 10 kW prototype hybrid PM generator is designed and tested to verify the effectiveness of the proposed system. The experimental results are compared with those of the winding generator with PM exciter.