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Title The Optimal Compensation Gain Algorithm Using Variable Step for Buck-type Active Power Decoupling Circuits
Authors Ki-Ho Baek ; Seung-Gwon Kim ; Sung-Min Park
Page pp.121-128
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords AFE(Active-Front-End) converter ; Active power decoupling circuit ; High power density converter ; PFC(Power Factor Correction)
Abstract This work proposes a simple control method of a buck-type active power decoupling circuit that can minimize the ripple values in the dc link voltage. The proposed method utilizes a simplified duty calculation method and an optimal compensation gain tracking algorithm with variable-step approach. Thus, the dc link voltage ripple can be effectively reduced through the proposed method along with rapid response in tracking the optimum compensation gain. Moreover, the proposed method has better dynamic responses in the load fluctuation or abnormal situation. MATLAB/Simulink simulation and hardware-in-the-loop-simulation(HILS)-based experimental results are presented to validate the effectiveness of the proposed control method.