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Title Design of Control System for All-Metal Domestic Induction Heating Considering Temperature and Quick-Response
Authors Sang-Min Park ; Eun-Su Jang ; Dong-Myoung Joo ; Byoung-Kuk Lee
Page pp.199-207
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords IH(Induction Heating) ; SRC(Series resonant converter) ; All-metal induction cooker ; High-frequency ; Non-ferromagnetic pans
Abstract In this paper, an all-metal domestic induction heating (IH) system that can quickly identify ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic pots considering temperature changes in the working coil is designed. Load modeling is performed after analyzing the parameters of the pot material and the central misalignment of the working coil. To improve the performance and stability of the all-metal IH cooking heater, a power curve-fitting model is used to design a control system that quickly responds to load parameter fluctuations. In addition, a power control algorithm is established to compensate for the reference value by reflecting the increase in working coil temperature during heating of the non-ferromagnetic pot. The validity of the proposed control algorithm for the all-metal IH is verified by experiments using a 3.2 kW all-metal IH cooking heater.