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Title LLC Resonant Converter with Auxiliary Switches Operating Over A Wide Output Voltage Range
Authors Ji-Cheol Lee ; Min-Ji Kim ; Jae-Sung Oh ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Yoon-Sang Kook
Page pp.256-264
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Isolated DC-DC converter ; LLC resonant converter ; Wide output voltage range ; Battery charger
Abstract This paper proposes a three-bridge LLC resonant converter with auxiliary switches for a wide output voltage control range. This converter can be controlled in two ways to achieve a wide controllable output voltage control range of Vo to 3Vo. The first control mechanism is achieved through the pulse width modulation (PM) of the auxiliary switches and primary switching devices, while the second control mechanism is achieved through the frequency modulation (FM) of the primary switching devices that are configured to operate in the full-bridge switching mode when the auxiliary switches are turned off. The feasibility of using the proposed converter is verified by the results of an experiment with a 2kW prototype.