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Title Research on Glass Dielectric Capacitive Coupling Wireless Power Transfer Using Transparent Electrode
Authors Kang-Hyun Yi
Page pp.286-289
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords CCWPT(Capacitive Coupling Wireless Power Transfer) ; Glass dielectric layer ; Transparent electrode ; Dielectric loss
Abstract This paper tests the feasibility of using the transparent electrode as the electrode of the capacitor in order to use the vehicle glass of the electric vehicle for a capacitive coupling wireless transfer (CCWPT). Large coupling capacitance can be obtained due to large area and high permittivity using the glasses of an electric vehicle. However, if an electrode is formed on a metal such as copper, then a view cannot be guaranteed and a transparent electrode can pose a solution. Therefore, the coupling capacitor is implemented by forming a glass dielectric with an ITO transparent electrode on one side through a semiconductor deposition process. The loss of the coupling capacitor is investigated, and a 200 W CCWPT prototype is fabricated and tested for its characteristics and power transfer.