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Title Detection Algorithm and Characteristics on DC Residual Current based on Analysis of IEC60479 Impedance Model for Human Body
Authors Yong-Jung Kim ; Jinsung Lee ; Hyosung Kim
Page pp.305-312
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords DC distribution ; Electric shock current ; Human body impedance ; IEC 60479 ; Residual current
Abstract DC distribution systems has recently taken the spotlight. Concerns over human safety and stability facility are raised in DC distribution systems. Std. IEC 60479 provides basic guidance on “the effects of shock current on human beings and livestock” for use in the establishment of electrical safety requirements and suggests an electrical impedance of the human body. This study analyzes impedance spectrums based on the electrical equivalent impedance circuit for the human body; human body impedances measured by experiments are analyzed below the fundamental frequency (60 Hz). The analysis shows that the equivalent impedance circuit for the human body should be modified at least in low-frequency range below the fundamental frequency (60 Hz). The DC residual current detection method that can classify electric shock accidents of humans and electric leakages of facilities is proposed by applying the analysis result. The detection method is verified by experiments on livestock.