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Title A Distributed Control Method based on Voltage Sensitivity Matrix in DC Microgrids for Improvement of Power Sharing Accuracy and Voltage Regulation Performance
Authors Gi-Young Lee ; Byoung-Sun Ko ; Jae-Suk Lee ; Rae-Young Kim
Page pp.345-351
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords DC microgrids ; Distributed control method ; Distributed generator ; Voltage sensitivity matrix
Abstract A distributed control method is proposed to improve the power sharing performance of bidirectional distributed generators and the voltage regulation performance of a DC bus in a DC microgrid. Voltage sensitivity analysis based on power flow analysis is conducted to analyze the structural characteristics of a DC microgrid. A distributed control method using a voltage sensitivity matrix is proposed on the basis of this analysis. The proposed method uses information received through the communication system and performs the droop gain variation method and voltage shift method without additional PI controllers. This approach achieves improved power sharing and voltage regulation performance without output transient states. The proposed method is implemented through a laboratory-scaled experimental system consisting of two bidirectional distributed generators, namely, a load and a non-dispatchable distributed generator in a four-bus ring-type model. The experimental results show improved power sharing accuracy and voltage regulation performance.