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Title Split-Capacitor Dual-Active-Bridge Converter
Authors Kisu Kim ; Siho Park ; Honnyong Cha ; and Byungcho Choi
Page pp.352-358
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Bidirectional converter ; Dual-active-bridge ; Split-capacitor ; Transformer saturation
Abstract A split-capacitor (SC) dual-active-bridge (DAB) converter is proposed in this study. The DC-link capacitors of input and output are split in the proposed converter. The primary and secondary windings of transformer are connected to the midpoints of the DC-links. Hence, the SC DAB converter can inherently prevent transformer from saturation. Although the switch current stress of the proposed converter is twice that of the conventional DAB converter, the switch voltage stress is reduced by half. Therefore, the proposed converter can reduce switching loss and achieve high efficiency in a high switching frequency. Given the SC structure, the proposed converter can readily be connected to neutral-point-clamped- or half-bridge-type converters. The topology of the proposed converter is presented and the operating principle is analyzed in detail. A 3-kW hardware prototype was built and tested to verify the performance of the proposed converter.