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Title Decoupled Power Control of Three-port Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter for DC Microgrid Systems
Authors Ju-Young Sim ; Jun-Young Lee ; Hyun-Jun Choi ; Hak-Sun Kim ; and Jee-Hoon Jung
Page pp.366-372
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Bidirectional DC-DC converter ; DC microgrid ; Decoupling power control ; Three-port DC-DC converter
Abstract Three-port dual-active bridge (DAB) converter in a DC microgrid was studied due to its high power density and cost-effectiveness. The other advantages of DAB include galvanic isolation and bidirectional power conversion capability using simple control modulation. The three-port DAB converter consists of a three winding transformer and three bridges. The transformer has three phases, which means that the ports are coupled. Thus, the three-port DAB converter causes unwanted power flows when the load connected to each port changes. The basic operational principles of the three-port DAB converter are presented in this study. The decoupling control strategy of the independent port power transfer is presented with a mathematical power model to overcome the unexpected power flow problem. The validity of the proposed analysis and control strategy is verified with PSIM simulation and experiments using a 1-kW prototype power converter.