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Title Analysis of Inductive Power Transfer System According to Layer Structure of Transceiver Coil
Authors Cheol-Min Kim ; Jae-Gon Yoo ; Jong-Soo Kim
Page pp.78-83
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords WPT(Wireless Power Transfer) ; IPT(Inductive Power Transfer) ; Magnetic coupling ; Flat spiral coil ; Multi-layer structure
Abstract In this study, we analyze the structure of the transceiver coil in the inductive power transfer (IPT) system. In the IPT system, the transceiver coil design needs to have the highest magnetic coupling possible because of the relatively low magnetic coupling due to the large gap of distance without the core. The transmitting coil may be formed as a multi-layer type according to the distance between the transmitting and receiving coils if the receiving coil is configured as a multi-layer type on the inner structure of the receiving apparatus, thereby improving the magnetic coupling and system efficiency. We compare and analyze the coil magnetic coupling, and system efficiency according to the layer structure of the transmitting and receiving coils and verify the analysis by JMAG simulation. Experimental results show that the layer structure of the transceiver should be considered according to the inner space of the receiving device and the spacing distance.