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Title Performance Verification of Anti-Islanding of Reactive Power Variation Method using Positive Feedback
Authors Jongmin Jo ; Chang-Hoon Shin ; Hanju Cha
Page pp.105-110
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Anti-islanding ; Reactive power variation ; Positive feedback
Abstract This study proposed a reactive power variation (RPV) method equipped with positive feedback (PF) for detecting the islanding operation of distributed generation systems. The proposed RPV consists of the constant reactive power component and a certain reactive power term and uses the frequency deviation between the rated and the measured frequencies. The constant reactive power is injected from distributed generation system and power factor is to 0.9975 in grid-connected operation. PF is activated from generation of the frequency deviation and the injected reactive power is continuously increased due to PF when islanding occurs. Consequently, the increasing reactive power causes the point of common coupling frequency to deviate from the maximum/minimum threshold level. Performance of the proposed RPV is verified in a 1.7 kW T-type inverter, and the detection times are 53 and 150 ms.