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Title Optimal Gain Design Method of the 3 Phase Boost Converter
Authors Hae-Chan Park ; Il-Song Kim
Page pp.1-8
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords MATLAB SISO TOOL ; Two-loop controller ; PI control gain ; 3 phase boost converter
Abstract The optimal gain design method of a three-phase boost converter is proposed in this study. The control system has a two-loop configuration, in which each controller is coupled closely; thus, the optimal design is difficult to achieve using conventional gain-tuning method. The proposed method is adopted to the MATLAB SISO TOOL software and is based on the controller requirements, which are phase margin and cut-off frequency of the open-loop system. The optimal proportional?integral gains can be designed easily using the proposed interactive method of the SISO TOOL. The performance of the proposed system is verified through simulation and experiments.