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Title LED PSU using an Integrated Transformer of New Shape
Authors Jong-Seong Joo ; Young-Soo Lee ; Ye-Chang Heo ; Eun-Soo Kim ; In-Gab Hwang
Page pp.27-35
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Integrated transformer ; High power density ; LED lighting power supply ; LLC resonant converter ; CRM PFC converter
Abstract In this study, an integrated 2-in-1 transformer for a low-weight and low-cost light-emitting diode lighting power supply is proposed. In the transformer, a power factor correction (PFC) inductor and an LLC resonant transformer are placed and integrated on a single magnetic core. The amount of mutual interference, represented by the coupling coefficient, between magnetic fluxes generated from each magnetic source is minimized by using the new shape core of an integrated 2-in-1 transformer. The design consideration on critical conduction mode PFC converter and LLC resonant converter using the proposed 2-in-1 integrated transformer is described, and the overall performance of the 150 W LED PSU shown through the experiment.