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Title Hybrid Three-Level DC/DC Converter using an Energy Recovery Snubber
Authors Ye-Chang Heo ; Jong-Seong Joo ; Elysee-Malon Harerimana ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Cheol-Ha Kang ; Seung-Min Lee
Page pp.36-43
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Hybrid three-level DC/DC converter ; LLC resonant converter ; Boost converter ; Energy recovery snubber
Abstract This paper describes a hybrid multi-output three-level DC/DC converter suitable for a wide, high-input voltage range of an auxiliary power supply for a high-power photovoltaic generating system. In a high-power photovoltaic generating system, the solar panel output voltage depends on solar radiation quantity and varies from 450Vdc to 1100Vdc. The proposed hybrid multi-output three-level DC/DC converter, which is an auxiliary power supply, would be used as power source for control printed circuit boards and relay and cooling fans in a high-power photovoltaic generating system. The proposed multi-output (24VDC/30A, 230VDC/5A) hybrid three-level boost converter, which uses an energy recovery snubber, is controlled by variable-frequency and phase-shifted modulations and can achieve zero-voltage switching with all operating conditions of input voltage and load range. Experimental results of a 2kW prototype are evaluated and implemented to verify the performance of the proposed converter.