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Title A PI-PD Controller Design for the Position Control of a Motor
Authors Ju-Hyeong Jang ; Sang-Hoon Kim
Page pp.60-66
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords PI-PD ; Motor drive system ; PI-PD position control design ; an IPMSM
Abstract This paper presents the design of a proportional?integral (PI)?proportional?derivative (PD) position controller without using a speed controller in motor drive systems. Unlike the existing PI?PD position controller design methods, the proposed controller is designed by reducing the entire position control system to a second-order transfer function. Thus, the gain values for the PI?PD position controller can be determined easily by a given bandwidth of the position controller. The PI?PD position controller designed by the proposed method is adopted for position control in an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system to confirm the validity of the proposed design method. The effectiveness of the proposed design method is confirmed through experiments.