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Title Design and Implementation of 1.8kW bi-directional LDC with Parallel Control Strategy for Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Authors Hyun-Bin Kim ; Jea-Woong Jeong ; Sungwoo Bae ; Jong-Soo Kim
Page pp.75-81
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LDC(Low Voltage dc-dc Converter) ; Bi-directional converter ; Mild hybrid electric vehicle ; Parallel control ; Phase-shift full-bridge converter
Abstract This paper presents a design and parallel control strategy of 1.8 kW low-voltage DC?DC converter (LDC) for mild hybrid electric vehicles to improve their power density, system efficiency, and operation stability. Topology and control scheme are important on the LDC for mild hybrid electric vehicles to achieve high system efficiency and power density because of their very low voltage and large current in input and output terminals. Therefore, the optimal topological structure and control algorithm are examined, and a detailed design methodology for the power and control stages is presented. A working sample of 1.8 kW LDC is designed and implemented by applying the adopted topology and control strategy. Experimental results indicate 92.45% of the maximum efficiency and 560 W/l of power density.