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Title A Single-stage Interleaved Electrolytic Capacitor-less EV Charger with Reduced Component Count
Authors Min-Jae Kim ; Byeong-Woo Kim ; Bum-Kyo Jung ; Se-Wan Choi
Page pp.185-192
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords On-board battery charger ; EV charger ; Singe-stage ; Soft switching ; High frequency transformer ; Electrolytic capacitor-less
Abstract This paper proposes a single-stage interleaved soft-switching electrolytic capacitor-less EV charger with reduced component count and simple circuit structure. The proposed charger achieves ZVS turn-on of all switches and ZCS turn-off of all diodes without regard to voltage and load variation. It achieves high power density even without an input filter due to CCM operation and bulky electrolytic capacitors and without a low-frequency component in the transformer. A 2 kW prototype of the proposed charger with sinusoidal charging is built and tested to verify the validity of the proposed operation.