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Title Development of SRM Drive System for Built-in Car Vacuum Cleaners
Authors Young-Soo Lee ; Jeongmin Noh ; Daejin Lee ; Jaehyuck Kim ; Han-Geol Seon ; Man-Seung Han
Page pp.193-198
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Switched reluctance motor ; Motor drive ; Built-in car vacuum cleaner
Abstract This paper discusses the design and control of a switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive system for a built-in car vacuum cleaner. The growing popularity of outdoor activities and recreation has led the automobile industry to expand technologies that increase the convenience of vehicles, and thus, a built-in car vacuum cleaner was introduced. However, the existing DC motor of a vacuum cleaning system has several disadvantages, such as maintenance cost and lifespan issues of its commutator-brush structure. An SRM can be a good alternative to the existing DC motor because of its high-speed capability, long lifespan, low maintenance cost, and high efficiency, among other advantages. A prototype SRM drive is designed and manufactured to verify its feasibility for use in a built-in car vacuum cleaning system. Dynamic simulation is conducted to determine the optimal switching angle for maximum efficiency and minimum torque ripple. Load test, noise measurement, and suction-power tests are also carried out.