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Title A Position Control of BLDC Motor in a Rail Guided System for the Un-maned Facility Security
Authors Jong-Nam Bae ; Dong-Hee Lee
Page pp.223-230
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Variable gain position control ; BLDC motor ; Stop mode control
Abstract A low-cost BLDC motor with hall sensor is used to drive the position control of a facility security monitoring system in this paper. Low measurable frequency of the hall sensor signal in low-speed regions results in difficulty in obtaining accurate speed detection and position control. To improve system control performance, we propose a variable gain of position controller and stop mode control scheme according to the motor speed and error position with pre-set deceleration time. The proposed stop mode control scheme is activated around the stop position to forcibly move the BLDC motor to the stop position in low speed. In the proposed stop mode, the motor current is controlled by the actual speed with the reference rotating angle. The control performance of the proposed position control is verified through experiments at the actual rail guided facility security monitoring system.